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updated: feb 22 2022

When you use the iPOLPO services, and any others we roll out in future, you will inevitably share some information with us.  We understand that this can affect your privacy.  So, we want to be upfront about the information we collect, how we use it whom we share it with, and the choices we give you to control, access, and update your information.

There are three basic ways we collect information:

- information you choose to give us

- information we get when you use our services

- information we get from third parties

Please see explanations of each category here below:


Our iPOLPO app is FREE to browse anonymously.  YES, no info is needed for users to download the free app and start browsing all photos posted (all photos are watermarked while browsing).

You will be asked to set up an account ONLY if/when you wish to either download or upload photos.  Setting up an iPOLPO account is very simple and we only ask for the following:

1) an email that we verify

2) a secure password (your passcode is encrypted and we do not have acccess)

LOCATION TRACKING: this feature is 100% optional and must be "turned on" by user to be engaged.

-only YOU (each user) control this tracking feature (found within the "accounts" page under "my path" tab)

-MY PATH "on" enables iPOLPO to track your (the user) path during an event.  This feature will track you GPS coordinates and TIME you were at each GPS point, this combination of data (time and location) is is then used by our supersmart iPOLPO algorithm to find photos taken near you.... photos of YOU.  Helping you find your photos.

-we encourage all users to turn MY PATH "off" as soon as you are done with the event you are participating in.

-this MY PATH information will be stored on your phone and accessible by iPOLPO if you wish to search for your photos.  MY PATH is stored for a limited time of ONE WEEK ONLY and thereafter be forever deleted.

-Also, please know, that MY PATH information is not shared with anyone (no other third party) and is not used for any other purposes other that those above stated- finding your photos.

-Please keep in mind that also YOUR PHONE (separate for iPOLPO) tracks your GPS and it is with this information that our SERVICES know your "current location".  This feature is adjustable within your smartphone settings and is ourtside of iPOLPO services.



iPOLPO does not collect or store any payment details.

We rely on the SECURE SYSTEMS of Apple in-app pay, Google Pay and Paypal to process all payments and purchases.

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